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Real Estate Market Report - July 2019


Everybody's WINNING!

While buyers are enjoying record-low interest rates, all data points to a seller's market.

Average sales price soared to $350,600 in July.

Fewer homes on the market and low inventory continue to be the trend:
*** 18 day supply for homes priced under $250k
*** 47 day supply for homes priced between $250-500k
*** 119 day supply for homes priced above $500k, which is down substantially from 140 days just one year ago.

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IN THE NEWS...Scottsdale real estate executive helping women navigate life changes


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June 26, 2019       

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Scottsdale real estate executive helping women navigate life changes

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (June 26, 2019) – After a 17-year relationship and an emotionally difficult divorce, Kelli Grant found herself in a situation she had never been in her entire adult life – alone. 

Although she’s consistently been financially self-sufficient, Grant had never felt completely independent in her everyday life. Since packing up and leaving her childhood home, Grant always had a man standing right beside her. Until she didn’t.

“Navigating life and making the right decisions in your 40s without the security of someone alongside you is daunting,” said Grant, who is now the principal at the Kelli Grant Group Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties in Scottsdale, Arizona.  “I wasn’t 25 years old anymore. If I made the wrong decision, I couldn’t blame it on immaturity.”

The process of separating her life from her husband was stressful, but it opened Grant to an entirely new perspective on how difficult it can be to essentially start over as a middle-aged woman.

Grant started her journey with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Arizona Properties, a national leading firm in luxury real estate, nearly four years ago – just before her divorce started. Since her separation, Grant was vocal about the reality of the situation and naturally began to attract a new pool of clientele helping guide divorcees to new beginnings.

“Being able to help these women who are experiencing such a major life change is very rewarding. Selling and buying a home is already stressful enough, so I want to make sure these women know they have someone in their corner through it all. They’re not alone,” Grant said. “What’s incredible is that there have been several women referred to me by other clients who said that I had a significant impact on their journey through divorce – that is better than any paycheck.”

Grant often works with new divorcees in their 40s or 50s that vary drastically in careers and backgrounds. She assists women in finding new homes they can call their own and offers financial and emotional guidance throughout their transition to singlehood.

Before deciding to sell the shared home, Grant often advises her clients to review the entire financial situation – gather all the numbers and facts, and consider timing. She will urge her clients to know exactly what the net from a sale could be, that way they can determine if it will suffice for an ample down payment on a new home. Depending on their financial situation and how strong the current housing market is, Grant said that in the right circumstance, she has advised some women to rent for a year before purchasing another house.

Opening up to trusted advocates is something Grant recommends to her clients. That includes bringing in someone who can assist with making important decisions with your best interest at heart, as well as having a third-party advocate who is not as close to the situation and can offer a fresh, unbiased perspective.

“It’s common to have what I call a ‘brain fog.’  You’re in shock, you’re overwhelmed and often experiencing a lot of grief,” Grant said. “Divorce is a loss – it’s the death of your marriage. During this time, it’s extremely beneficial to have a support team helping you make important decisions you might not mentally be prepared to make.”

Setting up that support system includes finding a Realtor who is compassionate, familiar with divorce situations, knowledgeable and professional. Grant said it’s not only important to obtain a Realtor who has the ability to evaluate a home and maximize your profit, but she also advises to find someone who has an arsenal of resources to assist in the process, including trusted contractors, lenders, financial advisors and more.

“I have a whole team that offers this level of expertise and shares my passion in supporting these women,” Grant said. “Because of my history, I am naturally drawn to help other women who are embarking on a similar journey. I love being their trusted Realtor, their advocate and their loudest cheerleader.”

It’s equally essential that a Realtor remain neutral when both parties are involved in selling a home, take no sides. Get the job done for both parties, professionally and with kindness. “I’ve had clients who both vent their frustrations to me, and it stays only with me. Confidential,” says Grant, “both parties must trust you and whether you like it or not, you become a mediator to accomplish the goal of selling the home.”

Grant’s dedication to improving the lives of women extend beyond the firm’s walls. She is active in the greater Phoenix community, volunteering for organizations such as Fresh Start Women’s Foundation where she previously served as a mentor and a skill-building workshop instructor for more than a decade.

Contact Grant to discuss buying or selling your home today. She can be reached at 602-799-5420 or


How is the real estate market in Scottsdale Arizona?


The real estate market in Scottsdale is healthy. The Phoenix Metro area is experiencing a shortage of inventory, perpetuating the issue of homeowners not putting their homes on the market out of fear of not finding a home they love enough to buy. It also appears that many home sellers are over pricing their homes knowing that there is a shortage of homes for sale. However, they’re not giving today’s home buyer enough credit. Many home sellers think that buyers are desperate or uneducated, but today’s home buyer knows what they want and what’s a fair price to pay for it. If it’s a move-in ready home that is current with today’s design style, priced RIGHT - it will get multiple offers within a week.

I’ve noticed an abundant amount of flippers who are inexperienced. Way too many of them are making mediocre cosmetic improvements and thinking that’s enough. Guess what, flippers! These home buyers have most likely experienced the crash of 2008-2010 and are scorned. They know how much to pay and what NOT to pay for. If it’s a Millennial home buyer, they’re even more cautious because they’ve seen their families lose in the real estate AND stock market, so if you get one of them to even make a commitment and buy a home – they’re not falling for an overpriced, under rated home.

That being said, home values steadied and have a healthy, normal rate of appreciation. As of today, September 29, 2018:

  • There are 2,233 active homes for sale on the market in the city of Scottsdale.
  • 1,583 of them are single family detached homes
  • 646 are patio/townhome/condo (with the remaining 4 as manufactured homes).
  • 718 properties are currently under contract and
  • 6,862 have sold since January 1, 2018.

In Maricopa County (where Scottsdale is), there are 11, 813 properties for sale in the surrounding Phoenix Metro area and its suburbs (excluding Scottsdale).

Of the 6,862 properties sold since 1/1/2018:

  • 693 sold for $199,999 and less
  • 897 sold between $200,000-299,999
  • 1,191 $300-399,999
  • 1,116 $400-499,999
  • 843 $500-599,999
  • 530 $600-699,999
  • 383 $700,799,999
  • 287 $800-899,999
  • 179 $900-999,999
  • 738 $1M and higher

So, you can see that there are still affordable homes in Scottsdale. Over 50% of the homes sold for less than $500,000. That’s one reason people are leaving California and coming to Arizona…less property taxes and affordable real estate.

  • In 2017, there were 8,551 properties sold in Scottsdale. 5,343 were sold at $500,000 or less.
  • In 2016, 7,894 properties sold and 5,234 sold for $500,000 or less.

A snapshot of the past 12 months real estate market in Scottsdale, Arizona:

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