Professional tips for a great showing

Recommended guidelines to help prepare your home for the best sale possible:

*  Make minor repairs and upgrades.

*  Paint the interior a neutral color, preferably a shade of white. Try to avoid bright or vibrant colors.

*  Clean or re-grout tiles on counter tops, floors and walls if necessary.

*  Replace or repair leaky faucets.

*  Make sure all doors, cabinets and kitchen drawers close properly.

*  Install or replace all light bulbs with higher wattage bulbs.

*  Repair any visible signs of water damage. Thoroughly clean.

*  Clean all fixtures and windows for a sparkling presentation.

*  De-clutter and depersonalize by packing up as much as possible. A cleaner environment will showcase the home at its best.

*  Dust and vacuum regularly.

*  Open windows for fresh air and avoid any odors.

*  Remove trash and minimize laundry. Staging is key to presentation.

*  Minimize furniture to promote the best sense of the space and flow.

*  Rearrange existing furniture to showcase the best floor plan features.

*  Consider using neutral artwork and remove personal photos so the buyer(s) can envision themselves living in the home.

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